Primary Ncorr publication:

[1] J Blaber, B Adair, and A Antoniou, "Ncorr: Open-Source 2D Digital Image Correlation Matlab Software."  Experimental Mechanics (2015). 

  • This is the main Ncorr based paper which describes the algorithms used in Ncorr, added features implemented in Ncorr for specialized analyses (discontinuous displacement fields and high strain), and verification analyses using images which were interpolated with biquintic B-splines in order to obtain "exact" results which verify that the algorithms were implemented correctly.


Verification of Ncorr against commercial DIC packages:

[1] R Harilal and M Ramji, "Adaptation of Open Source 2D DIC Software Ncorr for Solid Mechanics Applications." 9th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (2014).

  • In this paper, compression tests were performed on an annular epoxy sample with known material properties. Comparisons of the displacement and strain fields are shown for results obtained with Ncorr, VIC-2D (a commerical DIC package), and numerical results obtained with FEA. The results demonstrate a good agreement between VIC-2D and Ncorr, which makes Ncorr a viable, free and open-source alternative to commercial 2D DIC packages. An example of one of the analyses performed comparing the U displacement field is shown below:


Publications utilizing Ncorr for experimental results or additional analyses:

[1] J Blaber, B Adair, and A Antoniou, "A methodology for high resolution digital image correlation in high temperature experiments." Review of Scientific Instruments (2015). 

[2] J Xu, A Moussawi, R Gras and G Lubineau, "Using Image Gradients to Improve Robustness of Digital Image Correlation to Non-uniform Illumination: Effects of Weighting and Normalization Choices." Experimental Mechanics (2015). 

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Conference Proceedings:

[1] K J Paul, R Harilal and M Ramji, "Implementation of MAD based Smoothing Algorithm for Displacement in Digital Image Correlation Technique." 9th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (2014).

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